Install VPN Server by script openvpn-install

I would like to introduce to you, the simplest and easiest way to install OpenVPN Server on Linux HDH that I know is openvpn-install. I have been using this script for quite some time now. It really saves me a lot of time and effort in setting up an OpenVPN Server.

Install openVPN

wget -O && bash

  • IP address: Server’s public IP address
  • Protocol: The protocol you want OpenVPN to Use. Default is UDP Protocol
  • Port: The port on which the OpenVPN Server will listen. Default is 1194
  • DNS: Domain name resolution server. Default is 1, but here I choose DNS as 2 (Cloudflare DNS)
  • Client name: VPN Client (Can be understood as the username of VPN)

After successful installation, the configuration file of openvpn will be saved at /root/.ovpn

Uninstall OpenVPN Server


Copy ovpn to local

scp username@remote:/file/to/send /where/to/put