NabiRoom – Friendly Room Assistance

Nabiroom is the only application in the industry that is effectively and exclusively designed for hospitality segment.

This management software has every features for hotel management and it will bring a very exciting experience yet extremely convenient to your customers!



After customer chooses the dishes on an ipad or tablet, the order will automatically connect to the cashier and transfer to the back kitchen after confirmation for preparation

Local Destination

Investors can preload the sites with their recommendations beforehand, so that with just a simple click your customers can have instant access to many exciting locations


This is where your customers can easily search for beneficial services like: promotion, pud (or pub?), pool, smoking room, Wi-Fi, laundry, tennis etc…


Allow the customer to rate and leave feedback on your services. The more customer responding, the more evidence that your plan is going in the right direction.

Why Nabiroom ?

Because Nabiroom is the perfect combination of many applications, whereas fulfill both aspects of supply and demand. 

Best of all? It’s FREE

We’re giving the app away free.