Software Development Trends for 2019

Every year brings us a fresh batch of software development trends. 2019, in many ways, will be an expansion of existing technological solutions. Let’s take a look at the IT offerings of the upcoming new year.

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive web apps (PWA) are websites with the feel of a native mobile application. Without downloading, PWAs have all the capabilities, information, and features of a conventional mobile app. They improve user engagement and increase conversions across various industries, e.g., e-commerce, banking, travel, media, or healthcare.

PWAs can be run on mobiles, desktops, and tablets without friction, giving users a seamless experience across devices.

After relaunching as a PWA, BMW observed 3–4 faster load times, 30% higher click-through rate, and 26% more mobile users.

When Trivago introduced its new progressive web app, the company noted a 50% increase in mobile sessions along with a 150% bump in engagement for users who added the Trivago app to homescreen compared with results of their former solution.

Already in its 2017 report, Gartner predicted PWAs to be the biggest software development trend in next years. Throughout 2019, businesses across the world can be expected to continue the adoption of PWAs.

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